Software System

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  • Repository: Governance


A software system is the highest level of abstraction and describes something that delivers value to its users, whether they are human or not. This includes the software system you are modelling, and the other software systems upon which your software system depends (or vice versa). C4 Model

The C4 Model provides a static view of a single Software System, however in reality, Software Systems are often interdependent and some relational system needs to exist between them. Additionally, while it is often desired to aggregate the metadata of the Software System’s Container(s) into a central location. Its often not practical as Container(s) are frequently added and their configuration modified against existing Software Systems.


… a non-exhaustive list of the Software Systems under Governance and their respective system level configuration.

In large organizations, a Software System may ultimately be the smallest unit of business decomposition

Architectural Equivalence

C4 Model



Software System

Suite of Services


There is no requirement to provide all named Software Systems in this file. Cyvive is quite capable of internally creating and managing a Software System from the Container or Component specifications.